How Cairns Sharehouse Promotes Living Green

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Helping the Environment


 We all play a role in protecting the environment.

At Cairns Sharehouse we are working toward more sustainable environmental practices.

Saving water

  • Installation of water saving toilet systems
  • Fitting water efficient shower heads
  • We encourage taking shorter showers

 Saving energy

  • Use of energy efficient light bulbs
  • Installing push button timed switch for community lighting
  • We encourage turning lights/fans off when not in rooms
  • Pedal power – we hire and buy secondhand bikes (to recycle) and provide bike racks for safe bike storage.

Reducing waste

  • We encourage the use of designated recycling bins
  • Recycling all glass & paper products in our office
  • Recycling our toner ink cartridges
  • Purchasing only recycled paper
  • The use of eco friendly bag use so when buying groceries, say NO to PLASTIC BAGS.

We are always open to any suggestions our guests have to continually improve our environmental practices.