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Looking for a Job?

Having trouble landing a job in Cairns?

We know it can be tough, but help improve your odds by not making the common mistakes we see so often.



1.Choose the right time

Choose the most appropriate time of day to apply. So often, travelers apply to restaurants or cafes at their busiest times. Managers simply do not have the time and may even get annoyed (making your chances very slim) if you have showed up at their busiest time.

Do some research and come in when they have enough time to chat.

Choosing the right time does not just refer to “time of day”. If you are coming to Cairns to look for farm work, choose the right time of year. For example, sugar cane planting runs between June and November and watermelon and pumpkin season is from October to December. However, if you are here already, have no fear - banana farm work is generally all year round, with some quiet periods.





2. Look employable

Believe it or not, some people stroll into shops looking for jobs in their bikini. Even though you may be a backpacker (with, likely, a limited clothing supply), the employers want to be able to picture you in a professional setting.

Remember – first impressions matter (and are often the only thing employers have to go on to decide “yes” or “no” to your CV) – so make it count! Borrow or buy, but no beachwear!

(Tip: Make sure you show up on your own. If you show up with a friend, you appear less serious and put the employer in an uncomfortable position if they have to choose one of you to hire.)

2. 看就业





3. Be prepared with contact info and necessary documents

If a company can’t call you, they can’t hire you.

Do your due diligence and at the minimum find out what certificates you need in the position you are applying for (for example, your RSA for serving alcohol). Same goes for your tax file number (TFN) , at least know what it is and express you will be getting it soon (from the post office or online, see our article).           




4. Have a sharp, professional, and relevant CV.

Fourth on the list because it seems like common sense, but make sure your CV is up to par. Have someone look at it, for spelling mistakes. Make it relevant for the job. If you are applying for a travel agency, don’t only include waitressing experience. If you are trying to improve your odds and apply to many different types of jobs, have a different resume for each (ex. A waitressing resume, a barista resume, a travel agency resume). It may seem like a lot of extra work, but it is worth it! As per typical Australian culture and if you are comfortable with it, include a picture. Make it as short and concise as possible, some of these companies are getting 5 CVs a day.

4. 拥有敏锐、专业及相关的简历。



5. When in doubt – get help.

Peterpans on Grafton Street (right in front of Gilligans) holds a job hunting club every Tuesday at 5pm. Come out, get more advice and meet some people in the same position. It is mostly geared toward 2nd year visa work and other casual positions.

We also work with staffing solutions if you are looking for a more permanent position. 

Lastly, come chat with us – we have people coming in every day with tips on who is hiring. We have been around in Cairns for so long, we have seen everything and may be able to help you on your way.

Good luck!

5. 有困惑?-寻求帮助





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