America visits Cairns Sharehouse

Cairns Sharehouse Hosts 19 International Business Students from Georgia, USA!

A group of 19 international business students from Georgia, USA recently visited Cairns on a Study Abroad program for a month.

Cairns was chosen as the ideal destination due to its popular reputation of being safe, friendly and a multi-cultural city that welcomes visitors from around the globe with open arms. Cynthia Orms, Professor and Group Organiser said ‘Everyone in Cairns is always very welcoming to us!’

The group stayed at Cairns Sharehouse throughout their Cairns experience, because it ‘offers the best housing for a student group of this size for the best price.’

And Cairns Sharehouse? We loved it! Tammy Angel, manager at Cairns Sharehouse thought it was really exciting to welcome this group of students from Georgia and we enjoyed hearing that fantastic southern drawl and being referred to as ‘Ma’am’ was quite nice!!

The students really enjoyed their Cairns experience, and they all commented on how relaxed and safe they felt while living in Cairns.

As a part of their studies, the students were required to undertake internship positions in Cairns. Students interned at Brandtree, Studio Productions, Future Dental, Entrepreneur Accountants and Indigenous job Connection. One of the students, Andi, enjoyed an internship at Cairns Sharehouse. You can read more about her experience here.  Her main role as an intern was to undertake market research. Andi provided us with a refreshing perspective of the American youth and student market – although she admitted to not understanding Cairns’ use of roundabouts.

Not All Work!

When not interning, the students were able to take full advantage of the amazing attractions and experiences Cairns offers. Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Skydiving over Mission Beach, and visiting the oldest tropical rainforest in the World were just some of the exciting activities the students were able to experience.

Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef was something the students thought was awesome – impressed that they were able to swim with multiple turtles, sharks and colourful fish. The students were very happy to check the Great Barrier Reef off their bucket list!

International Students in Cairns

32,000 students from 34 countries choose to study in Cairns every single year. And like many of them, these Georgian students have left Cairns having experienced the very best that Cairns has to offer.

Cairns, with its World class education institutions, a multi-cultural inclusive society and continued growth in international students, is recognised globally as a top study abroad destination!

So… what are you waiting for?

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