How to get to Windin Falls and is it worth it?

It is known that Queensland has no shortage of beautiful places to go and see… and Windin Falls is a tropical oasis located in the middle of the Atherton Tablelands that you won’t want to miss. Instagramworthy is an understatement.  This place is beautiful and totally worth the hike.

If you love waterfalls and adventurous hikes, then Windin Falls has to be in your bucket list when staying in Cairns or in its whereabouts!

Check out our one minute video to get a taste:

Hiking to Windin Falls

The hike is not the easiest (intermediate skill level) but it’s totally worth the effort! Expect to see a huge wealth of vegetation and animal life. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to spot the second heaviest bird in the world; the Cassowary.

After hiking for almost two hours through the rainforest you’ll get to the top where the fresh tableland stream lies. Once there you’ll be able to have a refreshing swim in some stunning natural pools while enjoying an unbelievable view over the valley peaks of the oldest Wet Tropics rainforest in the world (which is actually a World Heritage Site). This view up there is so extraordinary that it will take your breath away.

During the green season (wet season), Windin Falls can offer more than usual since the water flow is much higher so the views you’ll get will be even better. However, the track leading to the waterfalls could have some mud paths which will make the hike more complicated. If you can’t wait until the dry season (from April onwards) then it’s still totally worth t he hike for the views, but if you can wait till you can happily bob around without fear of being swept over the top of the waterfall!

In order to enjoy your day at Windin Falls I recommend you to be at least 4-5 hours on site. You need to take into consideration that you’ll have a 11.5 km walk round trip.

What to take to Windin Falls:

⦁ Plenty of water (as much as you can)
⦁ Hiking boots
⦁ Towel and swimmers
⦁ First aid kit (in case of an emergency): there are no hospitals in the middle of the rainforest
⦁ Maybe also something to eat

What you’ll be able to do at Windin Falls:

⦁ Swim in the natural pools
⦁ Hike
⦁ Animal spotting
⦁ Photography in many different spots

How to find Windin Falls?

Windin Falls is remote and not very well known; it takes some organisation to get there, and you’ll definitely need a car (SUV or 4×4 being the most adapted for this track)!

Directions to Windin Falls

⦁ Take Minnie Street and Severin Street towards Bruce Highway/Mulgrave Road/A1
2 min (500 m).
⦁ Then Turn right at the first crossing and continue on Bruce Highway/Mulgrave Road/A1
57 s (600 m).
⦁ Take Bruce Hwy/A1 to Woree and leave Aumuller Street and Ray Jones Road
7 min (5.4 km).
⦁ Take State Route 52 towards Lake Barrine Road in Yungaburra
57 min (57.0 km).
⦁ Continue on Lake Barrine Road towards Windin Falls, you’ll arrive in the Wooroonooran National Park where the falls are.

Don’t forget this is a special slice of paradise so remember to take any rubbish home with you and leave only footprints!

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