Luggage Storage Cairns

Where to store your luggage in Cairns!

There are so many great aspects of Cairns’ tourism and one of those things is it’s close proximity to beautiful destinations like Bali.

We have tons of travellers come to work in Cairns who choose to jet off to Bali for a vacation from their travelling holiday.

That is why we are one of the only places in Cairns to store your luggage!

There are three main options for storing luggage in Cairns – the airport, the lagoon, or with us at Cairns Sharehouse.

Here is a quick breakdown:

The Airport

The airport charges $10-$14 per day for 1 piece of luggage depending on how large it is.

It works out to be $70-$98 per week for locker storage.

The Lagoon

You may have passed the small lockers by the toilets at the lagoon.

Here they charge from $11 per day which makes them ideal for daily use but not long term storage.

Cairns Sharehouse

We have a secure room at the office where we offer luggage storage for $10 a day, $20 per week, or $40 a month for 2 pieces of luggage.

It works out to be much cheaper than the airport, especially if you are looking at going away from Cairns for a longer period of time (more than a day).

Tip: Luggage storage is another good thing to consider when you are looking for places to stay in Cairns or elsewhere in Australia.

We love offering these types of services to our guests because it wasn’t long ago that we too were taking advantage of cheap flights to Bali and enjoying a little rest and relaxation in the sun!

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