Meet Our Team

Our Awesome Team

We are a family (literally) of dedicated and friendly individuals and we love what we do. Nothing brings us more happiness than fostering new friendships and making people feel at home in our lovely Cairns.

Tammy – Operations & Marketing Whiz

Tammy is a Cairns girl who spent 10 years overseas staying in plenty of hostels and sharehouses to quickly learn what makes an awesome stay!  Tammy still loves travelling (mostly vicariously through our guests these days now she has become a grown up with kids!) and reliving her carefree days!  Tammys claim to fame is the fact she has met Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister, and loves listening to cheesy 80 music.  Tammy primarily looks after our marketing and website.



Catherine – Operations & Front Desk Queeen

Catherine is a born and bred Welsh lass from Cardiff who can get physical if asked ‘which part of English are you from’!  Catherine moved to Cairns over a decade ago and whilst she loves the beautiful weather and regular BBQ, she still can’t develop a love for vegemite or cricket (but we are working on it).  Catherine loves watching Wales win the rugby, and is passionate about ten pin bowling! Catherine primarily manages the booking office and working with our valued school/booking agents.


Phillip- Operations & Property King

Phil is a true blue Aussie guy from Brisbane.  He says the word ‘mate’ at least 20 times a day and loves nothing more than a chat and hearing what is going on in your world.  Phil is well known around the sharehouses as the guy who gets things done, and you can hear his keys jingling in his pocket as he runs about.  He loves nothing more than chilling out watching sport on TV and teasing our guests about the cricket.


Danielle – Customer Service Extraordinaire

Danielle has been in Cairns for a few years now and loves nothing more than hanging out at the beach with her hubby and baby girl.  Danielle is part of our awesome reception team and loves helping travellers find a new home.  When she isn’t working at Cairns Sharehouse she is busy looking after her chickens and feeding rats to her pet snakes.


Coby – Gardens & Maintenance Superstar

Coby is a proud Cairns local and is the youngest member of our team.  He is a bit of a sport spice and enjoys soccer, wakeboarding, football and is a drummer in a band.  Coby is our face out in the sharehouses and is responsible for keeping our sharehouses looking tip top and our gardens beautiful.

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