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Share accommodation – Cairns

Written by one of our guests…

“I typically blog about traveling and life moving around… The thing is, I just hit my 6 month mark of share house living in Cairns, Queensland. It likely makes heaps more sense to write about life here.

Share accommodation in Cairns has been great, that’s why I stuck around! I showed up here with no real plan after leaving the outback. The only hostel I knew of in the area was the YHA which was well kept and in a good location, but definitely not a long term option. $$$.

I spent my first day walking around the city which I immediately fell in love with. After my time in Alice Springs, I was so excited about small things like street musicians and being surrounded by the lush green mountains.

There were all kinds of people walking on the streets. Backpackers, families, older couples. The energy here was really exciting. Nevermind being able to go for my runs along the Esplanade right next to the water! I knew this was going to be a great place for me.

I didn’t waste much time as I knew right away I wanted to stay put for a while. I hopped on google to find an apartment. Mind you, I had no job, knew nobody in the area, and had a limited amount of savings after my travels. I figured I was in for a bit of a struggle. Nope!

How I found Cairns Sharehouse

The first thing I saw which kept popping up on my Google search was something called a Sharehouse when i typed in “share accomodation Cairns”. We don’t have these where I’m from so I sent an email inquiry to see what it was all about. It seemed affordable, but as a female traveling alone, I had a long list of concerns other than simply budget. The email response to my enquiry was from a friendly woman named Tammy and I was honestly just glad to not have some sort of automatic computer reply to my questions.

We set up a meeting for the following day. Tammy took her time to get to know me. What my plans were here (virtually no plans at that point) and what kind of a person I was. She recommended one of the many properties that they had available that seemed fitting for me and gave me all the details.

I was excited to move out of hostel living ASAP!! The sharehouse I moved into was similar to a condo. Several units with a bbq area and a pool in the middle as a sort of common ground. Unless you’ve lived in hostels before, I don’t know how to describe the feeling of being able to unpack and put your clothes on proper shelves or hang them in a closet. Amazing.

I met the people living in my unit and in the unit across the way. A mix of girls and guys all within the same age group (20s). The questions were the same ones you hear over and over again while traveling. Where are you from? Where else have you traveled? How long are you here for? Where are you going next?

Everyone made me feel comfortable right away, explaining that each person was “the new one” at one point or another. These people gave me some great advice and became friends that I will have for the rest of my life. More on them and their advice to come…”


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