Short term rentals in Cairns

How to find a short term rental in Cairns?

Cairns is a popular place for backpackers and working professionals to visit and work from a few weeks to a few months. Once you arrive in Cairns you will need somewhere to live, an accommodation, whilst you are looking for a job, and then when you land a job and decide to stay.

However finding short term accommodation in Cairns can be tricky, so make sure you do your research before handing over any money for a rental.

How to find short term rental accommodation in Cairns? You have the choice between several possibilities :

  • Private apartment

    Ideally your own private rental apartment would be great, but the reality in Cairns it is a very tight rental market with a preference to rent to local long term residents.  Most real estate agencies will require a minimum stay of 3 months.  Bond is usually quite high and vacant cleaning fees high.Pros – Nice to have your own spaceCons – Hard to find, bond & exit cleaning fees can be high

    • Sharehouse/apartment

      A good option if you are looking to stay for a few weeks to a few months.  Not all sharehouses are created equal! Make sure you visit the property, meet the landlord and get a feel for the type of guest you will be sharing the space with.  A well run sharehouse will have rules and policies in place to keep the house clean, safe and the quality of the guests high.Pros – Cheaper, good way to meet people, flexible contractsCons – Sharing with others, need to do research for reputable houses (dodgy operators).

      • Renting a room on Airbnb

        A popular option for couples who are arriving in Cairns and want a place to stay for the first few nights until they can find something cheaper.  Check location as can often not be close to City Centre.Pros – Can be prebooked online quicklyCons – Not always in great location, expensive long term

        • Hostel
          A good option for when you first arrive, but it’s not much fun sharing an 8 bed dorm with travellers who are out partying everynight when you have a job and are doing the breakfast shiftPros – Cheap, easy and fun initially

          Cons – Not ideal for working travellers who need sleep and space to chill out after working

          When looking for short term apartments, these are the best places to find a place:

          1) Google – as always your best friend

          2) Gumtree – wise to visit as can be dodgy

          3) – website where you can pay to list & see share options

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