Things to do in Cairns when it’s raining

You looking for what to do in Cairns when it’s raining ? We have the best things to do in Cairns when it’s too wet to go to the lagoon.

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An easy 15 minute bike ride from Cairns Sharehouse office,the Botanical Gardens is easy to get to and a great place to wrap yourself in nature. Hike up the trails, mooch in the coffee shop surrounded by lush flowers or explore the undercover conservatory. Trust me it’s awesome even if it’s raining!

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If you’re too lazy to take a ride or if it’s too rainy you can grab the Sunbus on Collins Avenue directly outside Flecker Gardens or even take your car and park it along Collins Avenue and Greenslopes Street.

Goomboora Park is located 5 km from the city center and is an easy bike or car ride, 15 minute by car and 25 minutes on bike. This is where the locals go for their kids to play, walk their dogs or ride down the river, on sunny or rainy day, on their favorite blow up toys!

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Park near the toilet block, and follow the path past the kids playground, over the bridge and about 200m along. You will see lots of places to jump in and float down and all the way until you almost reach the entrance where you drove it, follow the kids, they will show you happily. Don’t pay attention to the rain when you there, it’s not a problem!

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When the rain comes the Barron Falls becomes a spectacular sight. At less than an hour away from the Cairns Sharehouse office these waterfalls promise you beautiful landscapes. Spend 30 minutes discovering the rainforest, Barron Falls and the Barron Gorge National Park, the landscapes are even more beautiful when the rain is there !

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Cairns locals will drive up to Kuranda and walk the 2 km boardwalk path just to see the falls in fully spray splendor. Take your camera and expect to get sprayed on.

  • Waterfall Hopping

If you have cash, hire a car and explore these famous waterfalls – Millaa Milla FallsJosephine Falls,Behana Gorge and Babinda Bounders. All easy day trips from Cairns and beautiful places for a swim even when it’s raining.

Millaa Milla falls is on the head south of Milla Milla Highway you have to turn left on Theresa Creek Road and then 1 km after you’re there! Count 1hour and 45minutes of road.

Josephine Falls is a Waterfall on the Josephine Creek in Wooroonooran. At only 1 hour away by car from Cairns Sharehouse office this waterfall offer you an amazing spot to have fun. The slippery rocks are perfect as slides and the view is amazing, specially in rainy days.

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Behana Gorge is one of the most beautiful waterfall around Cairns there is water 365 days per year with no intermission. It’s call “The Cairns Hike in Paradise” by the locals. At just 45 minutes by car from Cairns city prepare you to be amazed an wet if it’s raining!

Babinda Boulders or Devil’s Pool is located about 45 minutes from downtown Cairns. You can swim in a kind of little lake or you can also follow a small path in the forests and admire the streams of waterfalls and beautiful landscape.

The whole waterfall is surrounded by lush rainforest, it’s the perfect example of the fast flowing tropical creeks! Take your afternoon and enjoy the cool water and those amazing views.

There are some great little places on the Atherton Tablelands to visit when it’s raining and with free tastings. Drive by the Gallo’s Dairyland (great chocolates), Peanut Place (yum peanut butter ice-cream) and a lesser known retro café called Petals & Pinecones where you can enjoy cheap (not free) crazy milkshakes and coffees whilst lying on velvet padded couches.

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Here are some of the delicious chocolates that Gallo’s Dairyland offers. Count 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there with your car. Feel free to try the chocolates on the spot to make the best choice, even the rain can’t stops you eat good chocolates.


Want to try the best peanuts and peanut ice cream of the Queensland? Peanut Place will not disappoint you! Grab your car and count 1 hour and 20 to get there, from the center of Cairns. Be greedy, there is something for all tastes! Don’t forget to take the mythical picture next to the giant Mr. Peanut.

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Get ready to taste and see the most impressive milkshakes of your life. Super greedy and super tasty these Petals & Pinecones milkshakes will stay in your memory forever. Diet can wait, for now savour them sitting in these super cool velvet armchairs and all of this at only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Cairns center.

Take the time to visit these both spectacular crater lakes very close on the Atherton Tablelands, the rain is not a problem for this !

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Lake Barrine is great for walking and tea. Choose to walk around Lake Barrine, visit the famous Kauri Pines or relax with tea and scones in the old school teahouse while you watching the mist float on the lake. Take a walk on the walking trail for 5km, it will take you 2 hour to make the circuit and believe us it’s worth it! Count a little hour to get there.

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Lake Eacham is best for swimming and picnic and it’s at only 1 hour and 20 minutes from the Cairns Sharehouse office! Standing in a rainforest with the rain on your face is an experience to remember!

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For the more adventurous, jump for a swim with the rain in the Lake Eacham and enjoy a good Picnic or BBQ. You can also take a walk on the walking trail for 3km, it will take you 1 hour to make the circuit. Enjoy this moment to admire the lake, the rainforest and the wildlife.

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