Top 5 Reasons to Never Live in a Sharehouse

Deb living at Cairns Sharehouse wrote a funny article as to why you should NEVER live at Cairns Sharehouse! Here is what she has to say…

1. This place has made me LAZY.

Some days I wake up and think “ok I’ll be good and I’ll go for a run to the botanical gardens” then, on my way out the gate, all of my friends are laying out by the pool. My mind quickly changes to “ok I’ll lay and get a tan”. I’ll lay out and chat and swim when it gets too hot then have a shower and realize this is not a bad way to spend my morning before going to work.

Other times I think, “ok I’ll be productive and clean the apartment”. Well, professional cleaners do that twice a week so this kind of productivity is a no go.

2. I can’t stop eating!

In hostels, I would buy little bits of food because the storage is never great. Here I buy LOADS when I go grocery shopping. Tons of kitchen supplies are around, so I’m constantly cooking. And if I’m not, one of my flatmates is and we’re always sharing. Probably about once a week we will have messages in our group chat to plan a bbq by the pool together. We all chip in a little cash and head to Coles. The boys love to be the grill masters so I mostly just sit back and enjoy.

3. My shopping addiction is back.

While I was traveling, I NEVER bought new clothes or things for myself. I was pinching pennies just like everyone else. Rent here is weekly and is super reasonable. My groceries never cost much, and this leaves me with money burning holes in my pocket.

I keep finding myself shopping online now that I have an address to get things shipped right to the Sharehouse office. I get way too excited when they email me to stop by and pickup whatever next package is waiting for me. The quick walk to shop at Cairns Central doesn’t help either. I can’t stop!

4. I go out ALOT.

We all know I’m a really social person. I love meeting new people and pretty much never stop talking. There is always someone here who is willing to go out and I have a hard time turning down an invite.

It always starts with a small pregame drinking session and before we know it, everyone has gathered around our table. This of course leads to the suggestion to head out to the bars. We either split a taxi or walk to town together. I’ve become a regular at Woolshed and Gilligans. We know all the specials for any given night of the week. The Sharehouse discounts for places around town are every single night and who am I to turn down cheap food and drinks with friends?

5. Too much culture.

My brain is on cultural overload! I now have so many friends from so many different places, it’s getting difficult to keep track. I’m learning little bits of different languages and all about different corners of the world. How people’s schooling and government and family dynamic differs from my own back home. How people grew up and the values instilled in them. I’ve gotten to know so much about these amazing people and the places that they are from and I haven’t even left my own house. But when I do, I now have too many options for places and people to visit.

Author: aus2016deb

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