Working for a Travel Company in Cairns

Check out how great it is finding a job here in Cairns! Posted by one of our guests:

“It’s only been two weeks since I started working at Peterpans Adventure Travel and this job is already amazing! The training is intense and lasts for one month. There are about 70 boats that do trips out to the reef and I need to have info on all of them. For many of them, I need to know the details like the back of my hand. Okay. Great. Got those down. Then, I need to know all of the other day trips available in this area. The rainforests, waterfalls, adrenaline sports, hot air balloons.  Got those.  Next, trips going down the entire east coast. The Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Sydney, Melbourne, and every possible stop in between. After that it’s the remainder of Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Luckily all of this interests me.

I’m genuinely eager to keep learning.  I find the trips exciting which makes selling them that much more fun and natural.

My first trip to Australia was literally life changing and I get to see people in that same position everyday. I meet so many people from all over the world which I obviously love.

So far, I’ve been on one work excursion! It seems that these happen pretty often and are very easy to organize after you are done training.

Companies enjoy hosting travel agents because there is no better way to get to know a product or a place than to experience it for yourself. That leads me to… Bungee jumping!! We had some training beforehand to learn about bungee jumping and the company that was hosting us. AJ Hackett is the original bungee company, literally, he invented it. Everything we were told was to help us sell, but it really helped me to feel more comfortable before going. Plenty of safety talk. The walk up was nervewracking, as was waiting for my turn. Everyone tells you not to look down and I’m pretty sure that’s just impossible. But, I didn’t wimp out and afterwards I was SO happy that I went. The experience was truly unlike anything I’ve ever done. Above this, it was a pretty cool way to meet some coworkers.

Work has been keeping me busy as the training schedule is alot of hours.

I’m determined though to make the most of my days off. This week, it’s a trip to the outer reef to snorkel on Norman, Saxon, and Hasting reefs on a brand new boat!”

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