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How do I check out?


One week prior to your departure you will receive an email from us explaining how to check out.  It is very simple.  

You just need to make sure that your room is left clean and tidy, and in the same condition you received it.

We ask that you ensure all your belongings are removed from the kitchen, food, fridge and bathroom shelves.

You can leave the bedding in your room as well as your keys.

Security Deposits


Each guest is asked to pay a security deposit upon arrival, and  is fully refundable upon check out, subject to the room and contents being left in the same state it was received (clean and undamaged).

When you arrived you would have received an inventory recording the contents and state of the room, and we asked you to let us let us know of any changes which were recorded or repaired.

The security deposit is refunded back onto the credit card or Australian bank account details that you provide to us prior to departure BELOW.

*There is a currently a delay of 1-2 weeks for the processing of security deposits due to Covid-19 safety precautions*

How do I get the money back?

One week before you leave us you will receive an email providing you with information on how to check out and most importantly arrange a refund of your security deposit and to provide us with correct account details.

For your security we do not store your credit card details online, therefore we ask that you provide your credit card or bank account details for the refund of your Security Deposit prior to departure.

Please note we respect your privacy and this form is located on a SECURE server. We do NOT STORE your credit card details on the server after your form details have been retrieved.

Simply click here to access our Online Refund System.

I have checked out but forgot to send my account details?

Cairns Sharehouse holds all security deposits for a maximum of 3 months.

You will need to provide us with your bank account information (you will need your Reference No found on your contract or Cairns Sharehouse ID/Discount Card e.g. 1002384)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Why would I not get all of my Security Deposit back?

All guests must leave their room and contents in the same state as the received it.

Sometimes guests may accidentally damage something in their room, particularly bedding that perhaps has been left with marks or stains so when they are returned to us we cannot re-use them.

Our policy is to try to rewash and soak the sheets for the guests for at least 48 hours (an no additional cost to the guest).

If we are not succcessful in repairing the damages then we will deduct the damage cost of the sheet from the Security Deposit. A full price list is included with the inventory on arrival.  

All guests are invited to visit our laundry prior to check out so we can clearly show you the process of how we handle bedding.