Finding your new house share in Cairns


Check out the information below on our awesome properties and price guide.  We have an apartment to suit every taste and budget.  We take the time to personally hand pick each guest so that you will be sharing with like minded flatmates.  Let us know as much about you as possible when checking availability and we will recommend the best apartment for you.

Price Guide

Weekly Rent Max No of Guests in room Type Air conditioning
Single $150 – $190 1 person Standard +$22/week
Double $150 – $190 1 person Standard +$22/week
Double/Twin $100 – $120 2 persons Standard +$30/week
Twin share $100 – $120 2 persons who know each other Standard +$30/week

Need some help?

Feel free to email us or chat to us online, or leave a message for us to respond.

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120-190 / Wk

120-230 / Wk

100-150 / Wk

$95-130 / Wk

100-150 / Wk