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Cheap Luggage Storage in Cairns


We are happy to store your luggage in our affordable luggage storage facility in Cairns where you can leave your bags in a secure, smoke free facility.  We do not have lockers so there is no need to try to squeeze your belongings into a small space but they do need to be 20 kg max (so we don’t break our backs!).  The perfect luggage storage option if you are looking at travelling down the coast, going out on a reef trip, flying to Bali, or catching a train or bus from the Train Station on Bunda Street. 

Luggage Storage in Cairns Prices



$10.00 for 1 bag

$15.00 for 2 bags

Each extra bag will be $10.00



$20.00 for 1 bag

$30.00 for 2 bags

Each extra bag will be $20.00



$60.00 – 1 bag

$80.00 – 2 bags

Each extra bag will be $60.00

*3 month special $140 for 1 bag, $180 for 2 bags *

*Cairns Sharehouse existing guests receive 50% discount on luggage storage after departure *

How do I book my luggage storage at Cairns Sharehouse?

Its easy – just send us an email or contact us at least 1 day in advance to confirm drop off time for your luggage.  

Alternatively if you are already in Cairns and need luggage storage immediately, call us on 0412 318 519 to see if we are in the office to drop off.

Please remember to ensure all baggage is clearly labelled with your  name,mobile phone number, drop off and pick up date.

Drop off and collection time is between Monday-Friday from 10-5 pm unless pre-arranged with Cairns Sharehouse team. NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS SORRY 🙁

Please contact us at info@cairns-sharehouse.com for more information.

Terms & Conditions

1. We promise to love and care for your bags 🙂  However please remember we can’t be held responsible for damage or missing items and all guests are recommended to check their travel insurance policy as usage of the luggage storage facility is always at risk of the user.

2. We don’t haggle – the prices for usage of the storage are fixed : )

3. We will check the content of your bags or refuse items that we suspect are too valuable, too big or have possible dangerous content.

4. Keep your receipt safe so you can show us this with photo ID when you come to collect your stored luggage.

5. Please contact us if you are not able to pick up your bags on the due date or alternative arrangements will be made.

6. We aren’t superwomen – you will need to carry your luggage upstairs to our store room 🙂

7. Don’t forget our awesome team are only available to open the luggage storeroom from Mon-Fri during office hours.