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Working in Cairns

Cairns is a very popular place to settle down for a few weeks. Here you can relax see what the region has to offer while earning some money in a tropical paradise.

Our staff are familiar with the area and local job opportunities.  We offer free job support and advice to all share mates staying at Cairns Sharehouse.

Working in Cairns

We can offer our local knowledge to assist with information about:

  • Types of work available
  • Where to find work
  • Tips on successfully finding work
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Resume guidance
  • Information about how to obtain a ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ certificate required to work in Queensland
  • Bank account, mobile phone and tax information

At Cairns Sharehouse we are here to support you as much as possible to  find you work, make the most of your budget and explore the rest of Australia!

Employment around Cairns heavily relies on hospitality and tourism work, however there other jobs out there including promotions, fund raising and administration work. Within the hospitality sector there are often vacancies for bar attendants, chefs, kitchen hands and restaurant or cafe wait staff. Many of these employers are located along the Esplanade – a short distance from our Sharehouse locations. The Esplanade (or known to the locals as “The Nard”) is a long stretch of food and drink establishments that seems to be always be lively with hungry locals and tourists.

Promotions work is often available by the range of companies offering tickets for tours and local events, such as ‘The Party Bus’. This kind of work can be paid in cash or sometimes in travel vouchers that can pay for your future explorations of Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

There are plenty of ways to find a job but knowing where to look is always a good start. At Cairns Sharehouse we offer support in helping you find a job and what to do when you have found the job.

If you have good hospitality experience, we recommend you visit Staffing Solution, a local recruitment agency who have great relationships with the large hotels in Cairns. If you can carry 3 plates, speak english well and present a good CV which demonstrates very clearly your relevant work experience they will be happy to help you. 

The internet is a great place to find information on where to find jobs, what is available, names and contact details of possible employers, don’t forget to add us on Facebook for job updates! 

Newspapers and magazines are often helpful and list the up to date local jobs. One of the best ways of getting employed around Cairns is just getting out there! Talk to people and ask your friends if there are jobs where they are working. Get yourself known, put on your best gear and visit establishments, always asking for the person in charge and introducing yourself.

Looking for a Job in Cairns

Build your CV

Make sure that you have an up to date resume with you (instead of carrying a disc with you on your travels it is sometimes a good idea to send your resume to your own e-mail account and we can assist to print it our once you are here). If you are doing a CV for the first time, our team in the office is happy to help you set it up, photocopy it and even spell check it for you!

Do a course

If you are looking to work in Queensland in a bar or restaurant or anywhere where alcohol is sold, by Australian law you need to complete a ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol’ or ‘RSA’ course. This is for positions such as food & beverage attendants, room service staff, glass collectors, cellar hands, bar attendants etc. The ‘RSA’ course is designed to help you understand the Australian Liquor Legislation and how to prepare and serve alcohol responsibly.

The course is simple, relatively inexpensive ($17.00 per person) and ensures that you are able to work in any state in Australia (except New South Wales or Tasmania) as soon as you arrive. Our friendly team can help you with information on how to book your course upon arrival or do it online now before you come so you can hit the ground running! 

Use the internet

Here are a few websites that can help you find work before you arrive in Cairns, however realistically most employers will prefer to meet you face to face prior to offering a job:

1) Talk to our team

Our team are happy to give you an advice on where you should go to apply for work. We also have a number of local businesses, pubs, cafes and work sites that offer work to our guests in hospitality and labour industries. Let our team know the type of work you are looking for so if work becomes available they can give you a call.

2) Start the search

Finding a job as a working holiday maker is no different from anywhere else as most businesses are open to employing visitors. Talk to shop owners, visit the different job agencies spread around the centre, and join Facebook Groups like ‘Jobs in Cairns’ and check out ‘Gumtree.com’.

Jobs are often advertised in windows of shops, advertised on notice boards in cafes and pubs. One of the best ways to find work is to live in the sharehouse’s where you can meet a network of people who have either been looking for jobs or found jobs and can give you pointers to save you time and get you earning money as soon as possible.

Cairns Sharehouse sometimes need people who wish to work for accommodation – this is where you volunteer your time in return for accommodation.

Please find below the type of volunteer positions we often have available:

  • Housekeeping
  • Marketing
  • Office work
  • Social Media
  • Caretaking
  • General Cleaning

 Please check with us on arrival for job vacancies.

Useful Information

We recommend that all guests have travel insurance for peace of mind when travelling in Australia.

Check out InsureandGo’s Backpackers Travel Insurance is the ultimate cover for backpackers.

With up to 18 months of travel, unlimited overseas medical expenses, 90+ sports and adventure activities (including skydiving, bungee jumping, kayaking, rock climbing and more!), up to $20,000 in emergency expenses and excess waivers if you rent a vehicle – it is very attractive.

You’ll also get up to $6,000 of cover for Luggage, with the option to double your sub-limits to cover valuables like cameras, tablets, camping equipment and more.

You’ll also be entitled to one return trip back home to Australia (no need to renew or extend your policy) and if you buy a Gold policy, they will  repay your student loan up to the amount of $15,000 if you’re permanently injured while backpacking.

It is very easy to open a bank account in Australia when you arrive.

Simply go to one of the major banks such as ANZCommonwealth Bank of Australia or National Australia Bank (NAB) with your passport and your account will be opened within 30 minutes.

Remember the best way to pay your rent each week is via internet banking.

Simply set up internet banking access when you open your account, saving you time and money.

Our friendly team will be happy to help you with this on arrival. 

Working Holidays in Australia are very popular. Here are a few tips on how to get a working holiday VISA and getting a tax file number before you arrive in Australia.

Firstly visit the Australian Immigration Website to read about what is required from you in order to be a successful applicant  and check you are from an eligible country.

We recommend our partners Immigration Gurus for more specific advice, and you will receive a $50 discount on your first appointment by showing your Cairns Sharehouse Discount Card.

If you are eligible for a working holiday VISA you can apply on line now, click Working Holiday Visa online.

t is important to apply for a tax file number as soon as possible or you will pay a lot of tax without it.  It also makes it much easier when you start a job to give your employer the number (although you don’t require a TFN to start work). In certain circumstances you can also claim the tax you paid during your employment back once you leave Australia. Visit taxback.com for details on how to do this.

To apply for a tax file number you first need Permission to Work (have the correct Visa that will allow you to work). If you have a Visa that allows you to work you need to complete the steps on the online application form. Click here to apply for your tax file number.

It may take up to 28 days to receive the Tax File Number. Once issued, the Tax Office will send the number to the address you give them when you apply. If you have booked a room with Cairns Sharehouse we are happy for you to use our office address.